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DEMAIN positions itself as a design studio specialized in research and innovation focused on the user’s experience. For many years, we have been devoted the main part of our work to the issues of visual and tactile perception in design, a field where we have acquired a good experience through projects that we offer to our clients.

« With DEMAIN, we put forward the idea that a sustainable design requires the creativity of all ! »
-Demain Design Studio


DEMAIN places at your disposal all its experience needed for planning your project.
Observation, to appreciate the context of use.
Interviews, to understand people’s behaviour and experiences.
Analysis, to allow the challenges to emerge.
Research, to design hypotheses of work.
Real-life situations, to share the research with the users and validate creative concepts.
Development, to orientate precisely the research and design a project in accordance with the goals.
A continuous interaction between the various project stakeholders helps ensuring collective involvement, adjusting creative directions and meeting together your objectives.
As we believe interaction has a key role to play in designing innovative projects, we place the users, the observation and the analysis at the heart of our creative approach.
Expertise and consultancy are essential from the very beginning of the project in order to validate the objectives or allow to qualify existing weaknesses. It’s a valuable asset that users contribute all along the project in order to move the research forward, ensure consistency in the process and support the emergence of innovative concepts.



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DEMAIN Design Studio

DEMAIN is a studio specializing in global design, research and innovation focused on the user's experience.
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