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Study – Consultancy

Study – Consultancy

DEMAIN builds the research protocol which suits your objectives with all the necessary rigour to conduct a constructive study in coherence with the issues.

“Meet the users all along the design process to innovate”
-Demain Design Studio


DEMAIN supports you in designing your projects : consultancy, recommendations, research, design … We are with you, at the heart of the reflection.
– You would like to conduct a research ?
– You already work on a project and want to start a more comprehensive approach ?
– You need to study your field of activity through a design process in order to feed your future projects ?

Open up new paths for reflection, bring an external point of view, precise research directions.
From the analysis to the design process, we offer you a range of services adapted to your expectations. Depending on your needs, we can accompany you with consultancy, guidance but also with the setting up of a research project. As we believe interaction has a key role to play in designing innovative projects, we place the users, the observation and the analysis at the heart of our creative approach.
Indeed, user tests enable to move the research forward and support the emergence of innovative concepts which are consistent with your market.
Consultancy – DEMAIN accompanies you in your project and provides you with relevant guidance to reach you goals. We offer support in every step of your project according to your needs.
Recommendations – DEMAIN studies your project in order to bring you the required recommendations to reach your goals. Upon an analysis work whose methodology is adapted to your study, we provide you a report detailing the observations, issues, design project tracks.
Research project – DEMAIN sets up and builds the research project in accordance with your field of reflection. It is an in-depth work ranging from defining the issues to designing solutions. We create the research protocol adapted to your goals with all the necessary rigour to conduct a constructive study in coherence with the issues.



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DEMAIN Design Studio

DEMAIN is a studio specializing in global design, research and innovation focused on the user's experience.
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