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User testing

User testing does not only contribute to validate the product and its usability. First, it enables to move the research forward and represents a real driver for creativity. Effective involvement of the end-users in the design process provides a consistent approach and allows innovative concepts to emerge.

“User experience is a source of creation and innovations.”
-Demain Design Studio


Meeting the end-users and encouraging their participation into the design process is part of our approach.
– You want to redesign your product or service and take into account users needs ?
– You need to know more about the experience of specific users in relation with your productions in order to improve their usability ?
– You would like to start a research project and define the issues of your specific subject ?

Users are not testers but research partners, they interact directly with the designers.
We favour an overall interaction all along your project development in order to align our proposals with users needs; particularly for situations of disability related projects.
According to our process, the participants are not “testers” but partners who are involved into the project. Designers and users are in the same room and discuss on the base of their experiences and of the displayed prototypes.
On the field, the observation of real-life situations enables to qualify, specify users inputs and support reflection. The data we collected from this methodology are both quantitative (figures from handling the product) and qualitative (satisfaction, expectations…).
We design the protocol adapted to your project.
In the analysis phase, user participation enables to question existing solutions, define the expectations and identify the issues. Interaction tools are people experience and their existing environment.
Then, during the creative and development phases, user participation enables to support the coherence between the hypotheses and the needs while validating research orientations. Interaction tools are prototypes.



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