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Because design is about experimenting and sharing, DEMAIN offers you several workshops formats for companies, communities and the general public. Depending on your needs, we design the workshop best adapted to the stakeholders and goals.

“Discover, understand, share, experiment, test, meet…thanks to a workshop !”
-Demain Design Studio


Workshops represent a time for exchange and transmission which gather people to discuss a specific subject. DEMAIN is at your disposal to design the workshop format adapted to your needs.
– You are planning to organise an awareness workshop on visual impairement or other situations of disability ?
– You would like to understand through a workshop the design for all approach and its issues ?
– You need to hold a specific workshop based upon your activity, a project that you are working on, or a subject that you want to study ?

Workshops are conducive to discovery, learning and encourage a creative drive.
For DEMAIN, transmission and teamwork represent important vectors to support a creative dynamic. Workshops are a working format structured by a methodology adapted to the project topic. They allow its participants to address a subject and its issues around participative group sessions which favour interaction.
Following your needs, we can propose you workshops formats that we created on particular subjects as “design for all” or design specific sessions according to your expectations.
More generally, we adapt our proposals to your activity and participants.
Design for all “turnkey” WS
DEMAIN offers you a workshop on “design for all” that will allow you to appreciate this design approach by understanding the issues and the methodology.
Awareness “turnkey” WS
DEMAIN designs awareness workshops that allow the participants to live the experience of people with disabilities and understand design issues in different areas of daily life.
Custom-made WS
DEMAIN designs the workshop format adapted to your project process and your goals : focus on innovation, focus on situations of disability awareness etc.



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