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Banknotes for All – Intuitive tactile system for the visually impaired

Banknotes for All

« I wish I could identify a banknote efficiently and quickly regardless its orientation, like a sighted person does. »

— This research project, conducted by DEMAIN in collaboration with SICPA, leading global provider of security inks for banknotes, aims to design a universal tactile identification system adaptable to six denominations.
The study, the research and the design of a proposal have been based on a rigorous methodology that kept the users at the heart of the creative process. The everyday experiences of handling banknotes were carefully analysed, the worldwide existing tactile features were collected and evaluated. A series of research hypotheses were then developed and submitted to perception testing.
After one year and a half of research, DEMAIN came up with a functional solution that meets the technical requirements, the specific characteristics of a banknote (often folded, subject to wear), its normal usage conditions (need for rapid handling, often while standing up, in public view) and the sensory abilities of people with impaired vision.
Several organisations for the visually impaired expressed their support: ARIBa, AVH, the Louis Braille Committee, FAF APRIDEV Rhône-Alpes, Handicap Zéro, IJA, the CIVAL Lestrade Centre, Rétina France, Point de vue sur la Ville, UNADEV, Voir Ensemble, and a number of ophthalmologists.



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