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“Packagings for all !”

— Tagto© is a graphic and tactile identification system that encourages mass-market products accessibility for all.
An alternative to Braille, not very often practised, Tagto supports a “design for all” and addresses the daily problems of people with visual impairments (blind people who do not read Braille, blind people who can read Braille and partially sighted people) and older people to identify a product. This system enables a person to identify the main ingredients constituting a food product and thus to recognise this product according to the shape of its packaging. These “tagtograms” also provide the information to foreigners, people with cognitive impairments and people with reading difficulties. For everyone, Tagto© brings a better legibility and an educational dimension. DEMAIN designed and developed this solution thanks to the contribution of people with visual impaiments throughout this research during perception tests. Close your eyes to see !
Project carried out in collaboration with the Comité Louis-Braille, the AVH and the FAF-APRIDEV of Lyon (France).



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