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Study Mass retail and Situations of disability

Study Mass retail and Situations of disability

“Shopping for all !”

— Going shopping causes difficulties for older people and people with visual impairments. This study aims at analysing the shopping experience and needs of partially sighted and blind people in order to open areas for further reflections to improve access to points of sale and products for all.
DEMAIN based its work on complementary investigative methodologies (field observations, real-life situations, filmed interviews in stores, filmed interviews at home and questionnaire surveys) to analyse customer itinerary from the entrance into the store to the use of the products at home.
The results, formalised in a detailed report and a documentary film, have shown and defined the impact of the lack of accessibility on user satisfaction. DEMAIN designed several lines of research and qualified for each direction practices that provide a better access to space and information in order to support points of sale for all. More than 60 people shared their experience and contributed to this work.
Several organisations expressed their support : AVH, Comité Louis Braille, CRIAS Mieux Vivre, CTRDV, FAF-APRIDEV, MAHVU, SAMS-DV, Voir Ensemble. Client : Système U.



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